Why should I use GET SERVED, Inc?

We have over 10 years of experience providing quality legal support services to firms throughout the country. We embrace the latest technology in our field. GET SERVED, Inc. understands that our clients such as attorneys, paralegals, assets recovery specialists, and individuals expect us to keep up with them. Therefore, we provide email notification on status of case, affidavits by email as soon as completed, GPS stamps of process service, and many more features.

Doesn’t the sheriff department serve papers?

Yes, but the sheriff’s office is extremely backlogged, so your case takes a lot longer. The speed of service in private process companies is 90% faster than the sheriff’s. The success rate for private process companies are over 92% compared to 74% for sheriff’s. The customer service you get with GET SERVED, Inc. is far exceeding any sheriff’s office.

How does GET SERVED, Inc. stand behind its services?

We provide extensive errors and omissions’ liability insurance to cover all our services. Try GET SERVED, Inc. You won’t be disappointed!